Meta-Data / by Nick Kamboj

Suppose an office colleague now asks you to explain the details of a beautiful ocean photograph from your recent tropical vacation.  How would you describe it?  Perhaps you would describe the calmness of the photograph, the blue sky or the reflection against the ocean.  Now how would you suppose that a professional photographer would describe this photograph?  Would he or she describe the photograph in the manner that you described it, or would they provide additional details, such as the type of camera that was used, or the type of Mega or Giga-Pixel resolution that the photograph or image was captured in, the focal length of the lens, or would they comment on the plethora of visual attributes that optical engineers and physicists use to describe the device and environment that was used to take the photograph?  The answers to these types of questions are quite simply referred to as the Meta-Data.  Meta-Data provides us the highly technical details about the information or data that we are interested in without actually providing us the data or information of interest.  In essence, Meta-Data is the description about information; in this particular example, the information is the photograph.