Message By Executive Leadership
Message By Executive Leadership
Message By Executive Leadership

Quite some time ago, on a cold London winter day, while walking along Houghton Street at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE),  the Executive Managing  Director developed the concept for Aston & James, LLC.  Aston, as it is frequently referred, was to be and is a uniquely different technology expert witness and consulting firm.  

Simple.  Elegant.  Minimal.  Powerful.  Passionate.  These were the adjectives that continued to resonate during the Executive Managing Director's time at LSE and are at the foundation for everything that Aston & James, LLC is built upon.  After having expended a significant career with various accountabilities at the world's finest and most powerful companies, our Executive Managing Director came to realize how much of an organization's technical or business complexity was self-induced.

Aston & James, LLC is founded to provide elegantly simple, yet powerful technology guidance to the world's organizations, with the hopes of minimizing the complexity in which great organization's typically struggle with.  Aston & James is not a broad technology expert witness search firm, nor is it a widely diffused multi-national technology consulting firm with an array of offerings.  Aston & James, is very specifically focused on several key areas of the software application and hardware technology space.

As you explore what Aston & James has to offer, you will come to discover that our services are those which we are highly confident, competent and passionate about.  We do not offer the full-suite of services which other expert witness firms or multi-national consultancies provide.  However, our focus and passion resides on specialization in the fundamentals of software and hardware technologies along with the effective strategies and structures which are required to support their implementation.



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