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Aston & James, LLC serves as trusted advisers to the world's prospective MBA students seeking admissions to the world's top-tier business programs.  Aston & James, LLC is an internationally focused advisory company focused on providing the most valuable and effective strategic and tactical guidance for prospective MBA students.  With our primary headquarters location in Chicago and with our reach of international resources, Aston & James provides unparalleled service delivery.  

Whether it is our MBA Comprehensive Admissions Plan or our RUSH-Hourly Trusted Adviser Service, Aston & James, LLC's leadership and consultants provide the utmost prudent and strategic and tactical advice to maximize and individual's potential in being admitted to a top-tier MBA program.

Our highly credentialed leadership and consulting team come from world renowned institutions such as Harvard, University of Chicago, London School of Economics & Political Science and Northwestern University as well as other top universities.  In addition, our top-tier MBA consultants come from a variety of industries and organizations.  As such, they understand both the top-tier MBA landscape as well as how best to position one's experience so that it resonates effectively with the top-tier MBA Program's Admissions Committee.

Our philosophy and approach are metaphorically Bauhaus design in nature.  Elegantly simple and powerful are the identifiers which are frequently used to describe our work.  Perfectionism with a penchant for high utility is the foundation of the work that we do.

When individuals or organizations engage with Aston & James, they come to value a relationship which is based upon trust, mutual respect, stewardship and competence.  


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