frequently asked questions

Q: What is your confidentiality policy?  Will you disclose my name to anyone, or tell them that I used your service?

A: Aston & James will not disclose a client's name to anyone without their permission.  We developed our reputation upon our firm belief that the decision to choose the services of an MBA Admissions consultancy to be a highly personal one.  As such, we do not disclose a client's name to anyone, nor do we provide an interested prospective client the contact information of a prior client to speak with.  Although this may result in a lost opportunity for Aston & James, our strict confidentiality policy has resulted in Aston & James being the best kept secret to a successful MBA Application.  In addition, we do not seek or request testimonials from our clients and have been successful through private referrals and through social media references.  

Q: How is Aston & James, LLC different?

A: At the time that Aston & James, LLC was established, Nick H. Kamboj had served as faculty at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business for ten years, received his MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and had served on University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business’ Admissions Committee.  Nick utilized his multi-dimensional and diverse experiential perspectives, from serving as faculty at a top-tier business school, receiving a top-tier MBA degree with Honors and having served on a top-tier business school’s Admissions Committee, to provide a proven foundation and framework for Aston & James’ clients. 

Unlike other MBA admissions consulting companies, Aston & James was developed because of Nick’s own personal trial and tribulations in receiving multiple rejection letters from top-tier MBA programs over the course of three different MBA admissions application cycles.  Determined and unwavering in his belief that he belonged in top-tier business programs, Nick spent years researching MBA admissions strategies, discussing with top-tier MBA Admissions Deans and Directors, refining his approach, developing his story and improving his admissions techniques.  The culmination of all these efforts resulted in Nick being finally accepted to a top-tier business school.

Nick was so disenchanted with his experiences with the MBA admissions process, that he wanted to ensure that others did not struggle with the same challenges that Nick encountered during the process.  Hence, Aston & James, LLC was established.  Over the years Aston & James has provided advice to countless prospective MBA and graduate student applicants on how to achieve admissions into the world’s best academic institutions.  Although professional in approach and correspondence, Aston & James provides for a highly personal experience, where the client is the center of everything that we do.

Q: When was Aston & James, LLC established?

A: Aston & James, LLC leadership and consultants, began providing MBA admissions consulting services in 2006.  Over the course of the past eleven years, Aston & James, LLC has provided countless individuals advice on how to create their best MBA applications to top-tier business schools.  Furthermore, adhering to best business, legal and corporate practices, Aston & James, LLC formally incorporated as a legal entity in 2013.

Q: Who are your MBA consultants?

A: Aston & James, LLC provides only MBA consultants, who have graduated from the world’s top business schools.  No exceptions.  When you engage with Aston & James, LLC, you can be guaranteed, that the consultant you are working with will be a graduate of top 20 U.S. News & World Report business school.  In some instances, you will have a consultant who has also served as faculty or on the MBA admissions committee in addition to having graduated from a top 20 U.S. News & World Report business school.

Q: How engaged is your founder and CEO Nick H. Kamboj in daily operations?

A: For those who have worked with and for Nick H. Kamboj, several words continually arise to describe Nick: driven, passionate, intelligent, collaborative, charismatic, engaged and professional.  Given the consistency of of these statements, it is no surprise, that Nick is thoroughly engaged in the day to day operations of Aston & James, LLC and when time permits, actually takes on prospective MBA candidates.  Although Nick does come with a wealth of experience and knowledge, Aston & James’ MBA admissions consultants are also highly accomplished, effective and motivated with the same goal – to get our clients admitted into the world’s best business schools.

Q: Does the cost increase, if I request Nick H. Kamboj to be my MBA admissions consultant?

A: There is no cost differential between our founder and CEO’s billing rate and our other MBA admissions consultants.  However, Nick is responsible for many additional responsibilities and has various degree of accountabilities with other professional commitments.  Given this, Nick’s availability is limited and he usually engages during special circumstances.

Q: What is Aston & James’ specialty?

A: We are simply committed to one goal – which is to get you admitted into the world’s best business schools.  We will do whatever we can, with integrity at the forefront, to ensure that your application package is as best as possible.  Aston & James operates with the utmost integrity, and ensures that your voice resonates clearly throughout the application.  Although Aston & James will make the appropriate recommendations, suggestions and revisions to work products, it is ultimately our clients who have the final say into what their MBA applications should be.

Q: Who is the author of my application?  Who owns the Copyright of the work that is performed?

A: Regardless of how many hours Aston & James expends on your MBA application, or regardless of how many recommendations, suggestions or edits which our consultants perform, the author of your MBA application is YOU.  You are the author of all the work that is performed to create your best MBA application.  In addition, as a result, you own the Copyright of the work that is performed.  This is a very important and positive attribute of Aston & James.  Quite simply, Aston & James will not be allowed to release any of your FINAL essays, Resume, short-answer responses, recommendation letter suggestions and other work products, without your permission.  As such, our clients can rest assured, that another Aston & James' client will not have a similar themed essay, application package, Resume, short-answer responses or other elements of an MBA application.

Q: Will you be honest with me?

A: Always.  Even if it means that our relationship becomes strained.  Aston & James believes that all truly great relationships begin with and continue with honesty.  There is no reason to lie, deceive or mislead during the MBA admissions application process.  Without honesty, both Aston & James, and our clients will suffer.  If we believe that you are not a good fit for a particular program, we will tell you.  If we believe that your GMAT score is very poor and that your chances of being admitted are low, we will say so.  If we find that you have been deceptive in the presentation of yourself and facts to us, or any of the schools that you are applying too, then we will terminate our relationship with you.  However, what we will never do, is tell you, that you have no hope or opportunity, or that you should not apply to a top-tier business school.  We firmly believe that it is never a question of IF, but only a matter of WHEN you will be admitted to a top-tier business school.  We steadfastly hold that patience is a key ingredient into a successful application package and an applicant’s candidacy to being admitted.

Q: How confident is Aston & James in the advice and assistance that it provides?

A: Our founder and CEO's words, echo the entire company's sentiments, “For me it has never been a question of IF you will be accepted into a top-tier MBA program, but only a matter of WHEN."  We at Aston & James believe in one goal - for our clients to be admitted to a top-tier MBA program.  Everything that we say or do contributes to this goal.  While there are many challenges along the way, we believe that the resilient will prove successful.  Aston & James was born from resilience and provides sound advice regarding how to be admitted to the world’s top-tier MBA programs.  Through proven and prudent advice, Aston & James will help you create the best MBA application package possible and to position you in the best light in front of the MBA Admissions Committee.

Q: What is your most popular service offering and why?

A: In a professional services context, cost over runs can easily take place, if one is not careful.  Given this, Aston & James offers the Comprehensive Admissions Package (CAP) because it affords our clients the greatest peace of mind, knowing that no matter how much time Aston & James consultants expend helping our clients, that they pay only one fixed price.  Once the CAP is purchased, there are no additional hourly charges or expenses which are incurred by the client, unless there is a change in a client’s preference for additional assistance in applying to multiple MBA programs.

Q: If you are so confident, then why do you offer the Lifetime Comprehensive Admissions Package?

A: Aston & James firmly stands behind the advice that it provides to our clients.  Period.  However, unlike other MBA admissions consulting firms which promise the world, through blatantly unrealistic expectations and promises regarding an applicant’s candidacy, Aston & James understands that there are several external factors which neither Aston & James nor its clients can influence.  These external factors are, the number of MBA applicants in a given year, the number of applicants in a given application Round, the number of international candidates applying to business schools, the average GMAT score target which MBA programs are currently seeking, the number of legacy candidates applying, labor market fluctuations as well as the general job prospects for an MBA graduate. 

As such, we offer the Lifetime Comprehensive Admissions Package to provide MBA admission services for life, until you are admitted into an MBA program.  This is our promise to you, that we Aston & James, LLC stand behind our advice and guidance throughout market fluctuations and application landscape changes.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Quite simply, we offer a complete refund within 24 hours of purchase minus any transaction fees associated with the purchase, and anytime which is expended within the first 24 hours by any member of our admission teams.

Q: What is your process?

A: In brief, Aston & James, LLC will thoroughly assess each candidate’s attributes, assess the candidate’s probability of success for admissions to a top-tier MBA program and guide the client through a proprietary process to address the weaknesses in their application and to create the most effective MBA application.  This website provides comprehensive detail regarding each of the services which Aston & James, LLC provides. 

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